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Since 1999, Lauren Synger has been a professional voice-over artist. Lauren is a classically trained vocalist and actress who delivers ovation-worthy results. Lauren has voiced hundreds of acclaimed/ award-winning audio projects, including her most recent work as the spoken and sung voices for Alice Angel/Allison/Milla in Bendy and the Dark Revival (in Production), Bendy and the Ink Machine, and Boris and the Dark Survival. She is the voice of Genlock’s Yaz in HI-Rez Studio’s Paladins. She also voiced The female PC Aerev in Spellforce 3 by THQ Nordic/Grimlore Games. She voiced ADAH in Starpoint Gemini. She's the voice of Bu The Nimble in Sonic Picnic's Blightbound. She has voiced a multitude of video game characters in Star Trek Online, Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter, Heroes of Newerth, Magic: The Gathering, Kingdom Rush, award-winning Skyrim Conversion Enderal, and much more.


For over a decade she has voiced over 50 characters for multi award-winning audiobook production company Full Cast Audio. She provides narration and character voices for the award-winning audio fiction magazine The Drabblecast. She can also be heard in Educational Audiobook Narration & Production for companies like Pearson Education, and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Lauren has received recognition and accolades for her work.


Lauren is a professional singer/songwriter/lyricist. She wrote and performed “Lonely Angel/I'll Be Your Angel” for Bendy and the Ink Machine. She collaborates with and records for musicians world-wide, and lends her musical talent to video game soundtracks such as the vocals for character themes in Heroes of Newerth, and Bard songs for Enderal.